Friesen, Don SSBC:EX Don.Friesen at gov.bc.ca
Mon Mar 22 13:32:13 UTC 2010

>I am having a problem receiving DHCPNAK when i move to 
>different subnet . DHCP client is not getting the DHCPNAK 
>from the ISC Dchp server. 
>iam using Dhcp-4.1.0 package. I have added authoritative 
>in the conf file but that doesnt work.

   If the client is on a remote subnet, the NAK will not 
make it there until REBIND, shortly before the lease expires.

   The nak_lease routine will not unicast to a remote network.

   I patched mine so it would, but only because I have NO locally 
attached clients.  I use a Solaris system.


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