Ömer Tuğrul omertugrul at gmail.com
Thu May 6 15:07:37 UTC 2010

I have some trouble with dhcpv6. I have installed version 4.1.1

1. DHCPv6 no longer uses mac addresses for fixed ipv6 addresses, instead it
need DUIDs (14 bytes). I tried for my Vista computer DUID and succeeded.
     a) How can I view DUID for Linux and XP computers, I couldn't find in
     b) where is the DUID stored, will it change when the operating system
disk formatted-reinstalled? It's a big problem for my cooperate database.

2. DHCPv6 doesn't supply router address for clients, instead it supports
prefixes. I tested it with no-RA environment; but the clients couldn't find
the gateway; so RA is mandatory.
     Sometimes RA may be undesirable; is there a thought to change IPv6 RFC
and ISC-dhcp in future, for router address assigning?

Thanks in advance

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