Leasing addresses from a delegated prefix

Aaron Murrihy aaron_m at aaron-m.co.nz
Fri May 7 21:06:56 UTC 2010

I am working on a project for the final year of my Bachelor of Computing and
Mathematical Sciences degree, and I decided I would develop a firmware for a
CPE that performs only IPv6, no dual-stacking. (I will most likely
eventually use openWRT, but for now I am just using a linux machine.)
I have successfully configured the DHCP server on my ISP emulating machine
to lease a prefix to my CPE emulating machine (Both the DHCP client
and server are using ISC's implementation of DHCP). However, now I wish to
use part of that leased prefix to sublease addresses to other hosts, but I
have been unable to discover how to do this. I have read all the man pages,
and searched google extensively to no avail. Is there a way to do this
already built into DHCP, or will I need to either add the feature myself or
write scripts to parse the lease file and set the configuration file of the
DHCP server of the CPE?
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