Leasing addresses from a delegated prefix

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>I am working on a project for the final year of my Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences degree, 
>and I decided I would develop a firmware for a CPE that performs only IPv6, no dual-stacking. (I will most 
>likely eventually use openWRT, but for now I am just using a linux machine.)  
>I have successfully configured the DHCP server on my ISP emulating machine to lease a prefix to my CPE 
>emulating machine (Both the DHCP client and server are using ISC's implementation of DHCP). However, now I 
>wish to use part of that leased prefix to sublease addresses to other hosts, but I have been unable to 
>discover how to do this. I have read all the man pages, and searched google extensively to no avail. Is there 
>a way to do this already built into DHCP, or will I need to either add the feature myself or write scripts to 
>parse the lease file and set the configuration file of the DHCP server of the CPE?

According to the 4.1.1 dhcp-options man page:

       option dhcp6.ia-pd string;

          The ia-pd option is manufactured by clients and servers to create  a
          Prefix  Delegation  binding  -  to  delegate  an  IPv6 prefix to the
          client.  There is not yet any support for prefix delegation in  this
          software, and this option is provided informationally only.

4.1.1 is latest production release. Perhaps the 4.2.0b1 beta has it.

Also, please post in plain text.

Jeff Haran
Brocade Communications

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