Defining a vendor class with specific option to support Pano Logic DHCP client discovery

Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at
Thu May 13 00:50:49 UTC 2010

On 05/13/10 06:50, Timothy Loudermilk wrote:
> I have been provided instructions on how to setup Pano Logic client
> discovery using a Windows DHCP server, however we run ISC DHCP. I need
> help translating the instructions for Windows DHCP into configuration
> parameters for our ISC DHCP servers.
> We are currently running Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server
> V3.0.5-RedHat
> To set up Pano Client Discovery to use DHCP method:
> On the server, you'll define a vendor class called /Pano Logic/, and
> this class is identified by the ASCII string /Pano Logic/. For this
> vendor class you'll use vendor specific option, /Code 1/, Type IP
> address, Value: /PanoManagerServerIPAddress/ where
> /PanoManagerServerIPAddress/ is the static IP address of the Pano Manger VM.
> Windows server example:
> Thanks,
> Tim

Hi Tim

This looks like Vendor Encapsulated Options, which is well supported in 
ISC dhcpd. Details are in the dhcp-options man page, but I think it will 
look something like this. There are two parts, defining the option, and 
filling in the values.

      The DHCP protocol  defines  the  vendor-encapsulated-options
      option,  which  allows  vendors  to define their own options
      that will be sent encapsulated in a  standard  DHCP  option.

So in the global space define the option:

option space PanoLogic;
option PanoLogic.PanoManagerServerIPAddress code 1 = ip-address;

Then in global space (for all dhcp requests) or any specific scope such 
as host, subnet or whatever fill in the value. You can set different 
values in different scopes if required.

An ip-address can be either a hostname (such as which 
will be resolved by dhcpd at startup, or a dotted quad ip-address (

vendor-option-space PanoLogic;
option PanoLogic.PanoManagerServerIPAddress;

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