DHCP over PPP - or how to use sockets instead of BPF?

Sassy Natan sassyn at gmail.com
Thu May 13 11:46:24 UTC 2010

 Hi All

 Can u please tell me how can I make my DHCP server bind to a ppp interface?
 I want to have a remote machines, connecting to a VPN server that is
 running a DHCP server, gets all the IP from the VPN Server.

 In other words: I have a machine call A connect to a VPN server over
 l2tp tunnel. This Machine A - has two network interface, eth0 which is
 connect to the Internet, eth1 which is the local network LAN

 Machine A have a dial up to a the VPN server (Machine B) and get a IP
 address from the Radius Server ( So  Machine A have:

 eth0 public IP address that my ISP provide me
 eth1 Local LAN
 ppp0 VPN connection

 Machine B, the VPN server has

 eth0 public ip address that my ISP provide me
 eth1 Local LAN
 ppp0 which is the VPN tunnel with

 On the VPN server I have configure the routing table so all network
 address to go via

 Now, I configure some host in my network, behind the interface, lets say and I can get to all machine in
 but what I want is to get the ip address for the network
 from the remote DHCP server which is install on the VPN server

 I have configure a dhcp realy in network which point to the
 dhcp server, but here is the problem:
 I can get the dhcp interface can't bind to the ppp0 interface.

 tcpdump on ppp0 do show that dhcp request are coming, but that never
 get into the dhcp service that is running.

 Binding it to the eth0 is not good enough :-(

 What Can I do to make this working? any idea?

 I know about this:

 But I didn't manage to compile it, i get
 /home/Dev/dhcp4/dhcp-4.1.1/common/socket.c:279: undefined reference to

 I'm using Ubuntu 9.10

 Can some one please help?
 I working all the day on this and still no good :-(


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