Production Deployment -- Version Questions

Joshua West jwest at
Wed May 26 14:40:56 UTC 2010

Hey folks,

I'm currently in the process of redeploying our ISC DHCPD system.  It
issues IP addresses to a class B network, along with several other
private networks (for things like VoIP phones, etc).

Our current deployment consists of RHEL3 and DHCP 3.0.x on a pair of
servers -- no failover configured.  We use RHEL5 now as our standard OS,
which also ships with version 3.0.x.

Seeing that I'd like to make use of failover in our new deployment, I
have a few questions:

   * Which version would you recommend?  3.1.x?  3.1.x-ESV?  4.1.1?
   * Or should I stick with the stock ISC DHCP 3.0.x from RHEL?
   * Release notes for 3.1.x state "A significantly enhanced Failover
protocol implementation" -- can anybody elaborate beyond whats listed in
the notes?

Lastly, has anybody written an RPM .spec for 3.1.x or 4.1.1?  The
contrib/dhcp.spec file within the 4.1.1 tarball looks like it is only
for 3.0.x.

Thanks, I appreciate any input/help y'all may have.

Joshua West
Senior Systems Engineer
Brandeis University

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