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If you have your helper statements properly classified in Moto or Cisco CMTS
and have the right IP addresses on the right interfaces, it "just works".
You don't need to write classes.


Contact me offlist if you want a Moto example.




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I am trying to get some class/subclass issues worked out, but I am having
difficulties.  Here is what I have in my config:


class "Z" { match option agent.remote-id; }


subclass "Z" 00:0b:06:b1:ca:d4;

subclass "Z" 0:b:6:b1:ca:d4;

subclass "Z" 1:00:0b:06:b1:ca:d4;

subclass "Z" 1:0:b:6:b1:ca:d4;


shared-network X {


        subnet X.X.X.0 netmask {

        option subnet-mask;

        option routers X.X.X.1;

        max-lease-time 43200;

        min-lease-time 43200;

        default-lease-time 43200; 

                pool {

                        deny members of "Z";

                        range X.X.X.5 X.X.X.244;


                pool {

                        allow members of "Z";

                        range X.X.X.245 X.X.X.254;





ALL of devices that hit this DHCP server are getting public IP addresses, so
the only thing I can use to key off of is the option agent.remote-id.  My
problem is that no matter what device I boot ALWAYS gets an IP in the second
pool (245-254).  It seems as though my class/subclass statements are an ALL
MATCH type of scenario no matter what cable modem boots.  I have tried this
on 3.1.2 and 4.1.1 with the same results.  As you can see from the subclass
statements above I have tried all 4 scenarios for mac address.  Here is what
the lease file shows after it gets the wrong IP:


lease X.X.X.247 {

  starts 3 2010/05/26 13:25:39;

  ends 4 2010/05/27 01:25:39;

  tstp 4 2010/05/27 01:25:39;

  cltt 3 2010/05/26 13:25:39;

  binding state active;

  next binding state free;

  hardware ethernet 00:12:3f:14:51:54;

  uid "\001\000\022?\024QT";

  option agent.circuit-id 0:2:80:0:0:1;

  option agent.remote-id 0:b:6:b1:ca:d4;

  client-hostname "XXXXX";



Am I doing this incorrectly?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.





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