Adding lease objects with OMAPI

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Oct 29 12:34:38 UTC 2010

Jessica Meyer writes:
> Is it possible to add lease objects on a remote DHCP server using the
> OMAPI protocol?
> So far, I have only read about creating "host" objects and querying
> lease objects, but I didn't succeed when I tried to _add_ a lease. I'm
> getting a "key conflict" error:

	Have you tried performing some action remotely that you
know works locally using omapi? The version of dhcp may also be
important because I do remember reading that certain actions
were not yet supported in omapi such as destruction of leases.

	The error that you are getting, however, doesn't sound
like the right kind of error for that.

	If you try something relatively innocuous like remotely printing
out the contents of a known lease and it works, you know the key
works so you don't have that issue to complicate things.

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