Adding lease objects with OMAPI

Jessica Meyer jessmeyer82 at
Fri Oct 29 12:42:28 UTC 2010


>        Have you tried performing some action remotely that you
> know works locally using omapi? The version of dhcp may also be
> important because I do remember reading that certain actions
> were not yet supported in omapi such as destruction of leases.

Hmm, I have not tested it directly on the DHCP server. I'll try that.
I'm using DHCP version 4.1.0p1.

>        If you try something relatively innocuous like remotely printing
> out the contents of a known lease and it works, you know the key
> works so you don't have that issue to complicate things.

I'm able to get remote lease objects via the "open" command, so
authentication works. I can also add host objects.


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