Clients not requesting address

Wolfgang Zweimueller w.zweimueller at
Thu Sep 2 11:23:27 UTC 2010

"Glenn Satchell" <glenn.satchell at> writes:

> On 09/01/10 23:06, Wolfgang Zweimueller wrote:
>> Dear List!
>> I have a weird situation where PXE-clients most of the time do not
>> request an offered IP-address. Maybe one can give a hint where or how
>> to search.

> It may be that there is some missing dhcp-option in the offer which 
> causes the client to ignore it. Try using tcpdump to look at the 
> incoming dhcp packets and see what options are being requested.

Thank you for this input.

As there is also a PXE-Server (on MS-Windows) involved, we actually
concentrate on the PXE part. It seems that we loose the answer
(network packets) from the Windows server...


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