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Thu Sep 2 13:19:29 UTC 2010

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> Datum: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 13:23:27 +0200
> Von: Wolfgang Zweimueller <w.zweimueller at>

> >> I have a weird situation where PXE-clients most of the time do not
> >> request an offered IP-address. Maybe one can give a hint where or how
> >> to search.

> > It may be that there is some missing dhcp-option in the offer which 
> > causes the client to ignore it. 
> As there is also a PXE-Server (on MS-Windows) involved, we actually
> concentrate on the PXE part. It seems that we loose the answer
> (network packets) from the Windows server...

Is your client in the same subnet as the PXE-Server?
If not, it could be a problem with your router-config:
Some routers only allow DHCP answers from servers wich are defined as IP-helper for this subnet.
In other words: Your client would get the answer from your DHCP-server and then asking the PXE-server, but the answer of the PXE-server would be dropped by the router.

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