Clients not requesting address

Wolfgang Zweimueller w.zweimueller at
Thu Sep 16 07:59:55 UTC 2010

A followup to myself:

"Wolfgang Zweimueller" <w.zweimueller at> writes:

> Dear List!
> I have a weird situation where PXE-clients most of the time do not
> request an offered IP-address. Maybe one can give a hint where or how
> to search.
> My setup: we run a failover system on two RedHat server with 4.1.1 for
> a lot of /24 nets. Some of them are dynamic only and some are fixed
> addresses only. (I have never deleted the lease-file ;-)
> For PXE there is another server which offers the PXE-specific boot
> info. This is done via forwarder config on the router.

We found that the cause for this problems are our Alcatel
Switches/Router wich do DHCP-relaying. That means it does not work
reliable -- whatever the reason is. So it is up to our Layer3-guys to
fix that.


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