dhcpd pid exists but process not running

Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at uniq.com.au
Thu Sep 2 18:42:49 UTC 2010

Hi Matt

Version 3.0.5 is ancient (June 2006). To take advantage of any bug fixes 
you should upgrade to a newer version and see if the problem is fixed. 
Versions 4.1.1 or 4.2.0 are recommended.


On 09/03/10 03:01, Ausmus, Matt wrote:
> I’m running CentOS 5.5 with dhcp-3.0.5-23.el5.  I have failover setup
> for these servers. Each building has its own failover pair and serve
> address to around 8 vlans. I’m using tagged vlan interfaces on the
> servers and not dhcp relay. I’m monitoring the service on these servers
> using a custom Nagios script utilizing dhcping.
> Every so often the dhcpd process wedges. When I check the process
> status, the pid exists but the process isn’t running. I check the logs
> and don’t see any errors. All that is shown is one minute the dhcp
> server is handing out leases and the next it isn’t. I restart the
> service and all is fine but I would like to figure out why this is
> happening.
> I’ve checked this lists archives and the CentOS forum archives as well
> as googled for this issue and found bumpkis. Any idea what’s happening
> or suggestions on how to debug this issue?
> Thanks.
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