Vendor options not being sent

Arno Lehmann al at
Wed Sep 15 19:47:09 UTC 2010

Hi Reissom,

15.09.2010 18:04, Reissom Beshir wrote:
> On Wed September 15, 2010 Reissom Beshir wrote:
>> I think there is a difference where the vendor options are assigned.
>> In Arno's case, they are assigned in the pool statement.
>> In Glenn's case, they are assigned in the class statement.
>> I am thinking for Arno's case to work, you may need to wrap the vendor 
>> options in an if condition in the pool.
> There was a discussion on the subject of vendor option 43.
> In this particular response, they indicate to place the 
> vendor-option-space statement in the class definition.

Interesting discussion - I wonder why my hours of googling didn't find 
that one.

> So you could try moving the statement to the class and see if that works 
> instead of adding the if condition.

Yup, I tried that, too. Again, no success...

Does anyone know a way to analyze what dhcpd writes into its trace 
file? I'm not very inclined to run dhcpd under gdb, but I'd really 
like to understand what is happening here ;-)



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