Option 82 missing from dhcpd.leases

Andre Schubert andre at km3.de
Fri Sep 17 07:47:46 UTC 2010


iam using dhcp-4.1.0 and have a question about what
"stash-agent-options true" really does.

Lets say i have the following config-snippet:

stash-agent-options true;
host Test {
    hardware ethernet 00:04:0e:f8:05:1b;
    option agent.remote-id 00:14:e8:a5:e5:0a;

If the client comes online and performs a DORA,
then there is not entry for option agent.remote-id
in the leases-file, although the relay (Cisco uBR)
has inserted the option.circuit-id and option.remote-id correctly.
This seems to cause a problem if the relay performs
a Leasequery where it requests option.circuit-id
and option.remote-id. The Leasequery is acknownledged
correctly but option.remote-id is missing
while option.circuit-id is present in the answer.
If i left out option agent.remote-id from the configfile,
then option agent.remote-id is correctly written to the
leases file and everything works perfectly.
Is this the desired behaviour?
Do i understand something wrong?

Best Regards,
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