dhcp sever and IPv6

Fred Zwarts F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Fri Sep 17 10:17:41 UTC 2010

Is there anybody using the ISC dhcp server for IPv6 statefull address assignments?

I am struggling now for some weeks to make it work.
I encounter problems which are reported on this list some years ago, 
but for which I cannot find a solution. 
If I ask questions about it to this list, I do not get any response.
So, I wonder whether this server can be used for this purpose at all. 

What we need is a dhcp server that allows us to assign
fixed address for the majority of our systems;
dynamic addresses from a pool for guest systems
no address at all for unknown (unregistered) systems.

For IPv4 this was rather easy to do.
For IPv6 it seems to be impossible.
In particular the combination of allowing dynamic addressing and 
denying unknown systems seems to be impossible.
As soon as a range6 is added to the configuration,
all unknown systems are assigned an address in this pool,
no matter where and how many "deny unknown-clients"
are added to the configuration.

If anybody succeeded to create such a configuration,
I would be very interested to know how this was done.

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