dhcp relay (4.2)

Michael Richardson mcr at credil.org
Mon Sep 20 20:07:08 UTC 2010

I'm using dhcp relay on a linux router to help me test a configuration 
to be deployed elsewhere, with a Brocade router as the relay.

What I discovered is that I had to list the interface on which the DHCP
server was as well as the interface on which I wanted to relay, i.e: I
have to do:
     dhcrelay -d -4 -i eth1 -i eth0 -a

to relay from eth1 to a dhcp server at on eth0.

Specifically, if I did not, then the dhcp replies were simply dropped by
the dhcp relay.  I do not want to relay frames seen on eth0, it makes no

It seems to me that packets sent out to the DHCP relay should be sent on
a plain UDP socket, and same socket should be listened to for things to relay.

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