specs for fast DHCP servers?

Paul Keck pkeck at uga.edu
Thu Apr 7 15:44:45 UTC 2011

Following onto my recent post but in another thread.

Management has decided that they would be willing to shell out for faster
DHCP servers, and in usual style, they want specs to buy them ASAP. 
(Funding deadline.)

So, what should we buy to avoid performance bottlenecks?  I have been
searching through the list archive a bit and it sounds like disk I/O is a
big factor.  SSD disk for leases and log files?  Since dhcpd is single-
threaded, I'm guessing we'd be better off with a really fast dual-proc box
than a kind of fast quad or octo-core box.  True?  Will adding lots of RAM
do anything but jack up the cost?  I suppose we could use a RAM disk for the
leases and log, and not bother with SSD.

What would your ultimate DHCP server look like?

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