omshell Script for partner-down mode

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Apr 18 15:59:53 UTC 2011

	While trying to create an omshell script to put a
still-living dhcp server in to partner-down mode, I received a
"not implimented" error which actually tells me I am probably
doing something wrong as the failover-state object is listed as
supported. This uses what is called a here script  The script is as follows:

omshell << EOF
port 7911
key keyname "SH They're listening out there"
new failover-state
set local-state = "00:00:00:0 1"

The output is as follows:

> > > obj: <null>
> obj: failover-state
> obj: failover-state
local-state = "00:00:00:0 1"
> can't open object: not implemented
obj: failover-state
local-state = "00:00:00:0 1"
> can't update object: not found
obj: failover-state
local-state = "00:00:00:0 1"

Obviously not what I was looking for.

	Any suggestions are appreciated.

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