Ignore default gateway (dhclient)

Manuel Argüelles manuel.arguelles at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 17:54:30 UTC 2011

Hello Marc,

Sorry for the lack of information, what I have is a server with 2 network
interfaces, one is connected to my isp (the main card) and the other is
connected to a foreign network, I get the dns and default gateway from both dhcp
servers, what I will like to do is discard the one from the foreign network.

The alternative way that I'm using at the moment is an rc.local script that
parse the output of route -n command and remove the default gateway associated
with the second interface.

I was just wondering if maybe there's a better way of handling this.


On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 08:44:58AM -0500, Marc Perea wrote:
>    Hi Paco,
>    what are you trying to accomplish? This sounds a lot like an IPTV
>    deployment maybe? Possibly you want a data interface and a video
>    interface, but you want the default path to get out to the Internet?
>    I'm only guessing here because we stumbled on this particular block
>    ourselves for a while. If it's something else, please consider offering
>    up what it is you want to accomplish - there may be alternative ways to
>    get the result you want without necessarily modifying how the DHCP
>    process occurs.
>    --Marc

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