Is there any protection mechanism for a spamming dhcpclient?

Friesen, Don SSBC:EX Don.Friesen at
Thu Feb 3 15:28:57 UTC 2011


>Perhaps I'm missing something, but have you tried setting the
min-lease-time for that client? As others have suggested, put the
offensive devices in their own class/subclass, and once

>this is done you can take many different types of control, including
setting a per client or per class setting such as min-lease-time which
would force the client to perform less

>requests without denying or ignoring them. Seems like a simple fix, so
I'm betting the client will misbehave somehow, but here's to hoping...




   I've had printers go nuts as well, driving the server CPU to 100%.
They are making requests faster than the server responds.  There are in
effect more requests than responses.  Adding something to try any tell a
misbehaving client to change its behaviour, when the behaviour is that
it appears not to be respecting what the server is supplying would have
little effect.


   The one thing I found effective with the printers in our org is to
terminate the packet stream for about 2 seconds.  It seems to reset the




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