How to get UUID/GUID of a client

Ben ben at
Mon Feb 14 13:49:40 UTC 2011

Le 14/02/2011 14:14, Simon Hobson a écrit :
> AFAIK all LInux distros, and PXE, send no UID with their requests.

I noticed in a packet dump, on boot pxe, that in the request for a DHCP, 
UUID is sended. But, its true, in a dhcp request when system was loaded 
they aren't send UUID.

> Actually, changing the UID would be even easier than changing the MAC
> address. If the user can change the MAC address, and that's a problem,
> then you mights as well pack up and go home ! It's the nearest thing we
> have to a unique and unchanging identifier - and as you've observed,
> it's not exactly hard to change.

I think changing UUID is not possible, because its integrated to the 
BIOS, and my end users does not have access to the BIOS, and I think its 
not possible to a distro to edit the BIOS..

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