Patch for dhcpctl/dhcpctl.c and omapip/generic.c

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Wed Jul 27 13:45:32 UTC 2011

The first part (1) of your patch omits the fix for second zero-time
omapi_wait_for_completion() call in dhcpctl_wait_for_completion(). Probably
more reasonable waiting time values should be provided (one as connecting
timeout, one as connection timeout) as arguments to dhcpctl_connect() and
dhcpctl_wait_for_completion() calls or by introducing a new dhcpctl call?
Just not to use additional header sys/time.h, instead of gettimeofday()
call, it could be replaced with ISC DHCP's GET_TIME() macro provided via
osdep.h (included via omapip/omapip_p.h)?

The second part (2) of your patch seems to be origined from DHCP 3.0 sources
which already have that correction. Anyhow it should be considered a trivial
patch which can be included in the next upcoming release of DHCP 4.x

2011/7/26 michael kapelko <kornerr at>

> Hi.
> I've implemented a C++ app that drops DHCP leases when link down trap
> comes. I had to patch dhcp4 sources with the attached file to solve 2
> issues:
> 1. long connection timeout. dhcpctl.c is patched to have timeout = 1s.
> 2. looping thru objects in generic.c some of which might be NULL.
> patched to check for NULL.
> The only issue can be with timeout setting. I haven't come up with a
> convenient way to pass it, so just hard-coded it.
> I would like this (or similar functionality) patch to be in trunk.
> Thanks.
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