parse problem with pool balance statements

Ana Gallardo Gómez anaougu at
Wed Mar 16 08:44:40 UTC 2011

Hello Glenn,

I have use it many times in the past and it describes a nice basic failover
> config. However, it predates the current pool balancing algorithm, so it
> doesn't mention any of these settings:

Where can I fount the algorithm?? I only found

    max-lease-misbalance 15;
>    max-lease-ownership 10;
>    min-balance 60;
>    max-balance 3600;
> Since these are the default values anyway, you could just comment them out.

Ok, but I can't use other values.

A useful way of debugging these kind of things is to comment out the lines
> that give an error, even if they look right, one at a time. Eventually
> things will either work or it will become apparent which line is causing the
> problem.
Sometimes the parse engine trips up on a previous line, but doesn't report a
> problem until a following line.

Thant you for your recomendation and for your response.

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