GSS TSIG dynamic DNS from dhcpd (again)

Jason Alderfer jha2 at
Wed Mar 23 19:57:04 UTC 2011

Hello all,

As was discussed recently, there is no support in dhcpd for GSS TSIG
dynamic updates for Windows DNS servers, but this does exist in BIND.  I
have looked through the BIND code (9.8.0) included with DHCP 4.2.1 and it
appears that the majority of the code needed to deal with the messy
spnego, gss, etc. is already in that code in the BIND libdns library. 
BIND's nsupdate utility, comparatively simple as far as code goes, uses
this library to do GSS TSIG updates.

Any reason why DHCP couldn't link against BIND libdns to get this
functionality?  It would seem that much of the hard work is already done. 
I'd attempt a patch myself if I had the time and skills.

Jason Alderfer

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