netreg Revisited

John Hascall john at
Wed Mar 30 19:04:35 UTC 2011

> John Hascall wrote:
> >
> > Our solution was to modify dhcpd so that it did not write the 
> > OMAPI-provoked host entries into the lease file, since we know
> > they will be in the config file the next time dhcpd is restarted.
> >   
> John,

> Any chance you have the patch for this? I'd really like to give it a 
> try, as we have a very similar warm spare system - though in addition 
> ours backs up two masters, one which serves statics only (leases file is 
> ignored) and one which serves dynamics.

> IMHO ISC (once again, if anyone's listening) should incorporate the 
> patch and add a config file flag to enable it. It would prove very 
> useful for those of us who have a established *SQL-backed system but 
> just want to add/update hosts without a restart.
> -Jason Antman
> Rutgers University, NJ

It's not much of a patch.  In the function write_host() in the file
server/db.c do this:

        if (!db_printable (host -> name))
                return 0;

         * [ISU] john at 23-Oct-2007
         * The line of code below prevents the writing of dynamic
         * host entries (those created by OMAPI) from appearing in
         * the lease file.  They will be present the next time we
         * rebuild the config file and restart dhcpd so having them
         * written here just makes duplicates.
        if (host -> flags & HOST_DECL_DYNAMIC) return 1;

        if (counting)

And in includes/site.h add this line:

Obviously, there would be more work to make this a proper option you
can control from the config file.


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