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Jason Antman jantman at
Wed Mar 30 18:30:58 UTC 2011

John Hascall wrote:
> Our solution was to modify dhcpd so that it did not write the 
> OMAPI-provoked host entries into the lease file, since we know
> they will be in the config file the next time dhcpd is restarted.

Any chance you have the patch for this? I'd really like to give it a 
try, as we have a very similar warm spare system - though in addition 
ours backs up two masters, one which serves statics only (leases file is 
ignored) and one which serves dynamics.

IMHO ISC (once again, if anyone's listening) should incorporate the 
patch and add a config file flag to enable it. It would prove very 
useful for those of us who have a established *SQL-backed system but 
just want to add/update hosts without a restart.

-Jason Antman
Rutgers University, NJ


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