netreg Revisited

John Hascall john at
Tue Mar 29 16:16:13 UTC 2011

> If anyone has an actual write-up on how they integrated OMAPI, the 
> reliability, performance, etc. I'd be very interested in reading it.

We are using OMAPI to add host entries in our NetReg system.
We have about 70,000 hosts (and 100,000+ leases) in our config.
Like you, we generate a dhcpd.conf file from a database system.
Our solution was to modify dhcpd so that it did not write the 
OMAPI-provoked host entries into the lease file, since we know
they will be in the config file the next time dhcpd is restarted.

Performance and responsiveness is, of course, far better than
our previous method of having a cron job check every minute to
see if a new config file needs to be generated and restarting
dhcpd to get these new additions and deletions.

We do not use failover.  Instead we have a warm spare with
a copy of the data to generate a config file and we sync
the lease file over very regularly.  Knock on wood, we have
never had to use it except when we are doing planned upgrades
on the normal master server.

We have had zero issues with the reliability of using OMAPI to
add host entries.  HOWEVER we would REALLY like to be able to
use OMAPI to also add subclass entries to classify the hosts,
and the failure of that to work properly has been a source of
much irritation for many years.  If anyone from ISC is reading
this, please contact me with costs and a timeframe for doing this
as a "Custom Software Development" (as outlined on your website:


John Hascall, john at
Team Lead, NIADS (Network Infrastructure, Authentication & Directory Services)
IT Services, The Iowa State University of Science and Technology

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