FW: ISC DHCP and WDS..... help

Dawn Cseh dawn at cseh.us
Thu Mar 31 12:37:42 UTC 2011

I am trying very hard to get ISC DHCP to support WDS.  Here is the


WDS running on W2008 PR2

Client (XP) is on the same subnet as the WDS server

ISC DHCP 4.1 is on a RHEL box on a different subnet.


When the client boots, the DHCP packets are getting to the DHCP server.  I
see the DISCOVERS/OFFERS, but I never see the client even attempt to do a
DHCPREQUEST.  To make sure it's not the DHCP server, I boot the client into
normal windows and it gets an address just fine.  I'm not sure if I'm
missing an option that tells it to go on to keep booting.  I have tried
different combinations of :


next-server <ip of WDS>

filename <bootfile>

Option 66

Option 67

Option 60=PXEClient  (with and without this option as I've found postings
that you don't use this option if the DHCP server is on a different machine)



The client has no problem PXE booting when the DHCP server is on the WDS
server.  There isn't a firewall/router between the client and the WDS server
and just to be safe, the firewall between the client and the DHCP server has
the ip helper address for both the DHCP server and the WDS server.


Has anyone run into this?  Anyone have any suggestions?  I have to believe
someone has ISC DHCP with WDS?


Thank you





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