Documentation for dhclient.

Stephan Tiriac stman937-dhcp at
Wed May 11 23:04:54 UTC 2011

> Have you considered "unshare -n bash"? That gets you a nice clean networking
> environment without having to kill of daemons etc.

I don't see how "unshare" can help me to switch from dynamic IP to static IP. Ineed the whole system to run for me not only a bash session.
I think Ubuntu is experimenting too much. You do not change well tested functionswithout a good reason. Here is no reason at all. They did the same thing with theboot process. Started to migrate things from "init.d" to "init". It is not finished, notdocumented and runs wild today. And this is not the only example I can give you.The whole Ubuntu is suffocated by undocumented-unfinished redundant things.Sorry for the rant...  :(
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