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Alex Bligh alex at
Thu May 12 06:58:50 UTC 2011

--On 11 May 2011 16:04:54 -0700 Stephan Tiriac <stman937-dhcp at> 

>> Have you considered "unshare -n bash"? That gets you a nice clean
>> networking environment without having to kill of daemons etc.
> I don't see how "unshare" can help me to switch from dynamic IP to static
> IP. I
> need the whole system to run for me not only a bash session.

"unshare -n bash" gives you a completely new networking environment,
which dhclient (running in the root namespace) won't touch. You can
then configure it statically (try "unshare -n ifconfig -a'). Use
a veth i/f to bridge to your main i/f.

Alex Bligh

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