How to match part of agent's vendor specific suboption

Marc Perea marccp at
Tue Oct 11 16:10:41 UTC 2011

Hi Eduardo,
I've been listening to this conversation and I'll offer what I can as help. I use option 82 for matching, and as has been mentioned by Glenn, I'm not sure that you're receiving option 82 the way you think you are. Rather than troubleshoot from the server, setting up option spaces and configuring for the way you'd like it to work and then having nothing to go off of if it doesn't work, I'd recommend working from the other end - fire up a wireshark, tcpdump or tethereal and inspect what you expect.
It could be that what you think or have been told to expect in options isn't actually encoded the way you hope. A packet dump will tell you what options are being sent for sure so that you don't have to guess.
Is it possible the vendor is using the vendor code option, and encapsulating sub-options (82 maybe) inside of the VSO?
What you are listing doesn't sound to me like standard option 82 information. I log the following, for example:
if exists agent.circuit-id {
        log(info,concat(binary-to-ascii(10,8,".",leased-address)," OFFERED TO AGENT.CIRCUIT-ID => ",option agent.circuit-id));
if exists agent.remote-id {
       log(info,concat("Grrr, problem here - REMOTE-ID => ",option agent.remote-id));
I suspect if you look at the actual packet, you'll see exactly what is going on. HTH.
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