Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Wed Sep 7 15:51:20 UTC 2011

> We have been testing domain-search and are having some issues. Do Windows
> machines support domain-search. From our testing it looks like only *nix
> machines support this option. When we use domain-search the Windows machines
> do not get any DNS suffix. Macs and *unix work fine. We have tried it
> globally and per subnet. The only thing that works for Windows machines it
> domain-name.

I already saw Windows clients where it worked, so it has to be possible :-)

I also made the experience that on most Windows clients it doesn't work. But at least these clients I checked had always somewhere local entries for the searchlist and therefore ignoring the data from DHCP.
Are you sure there is no local config for search suffixe on your windows clients?

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