Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Sep 7 18:07:13 UTC 2011

Peter wrote:

>I install Debian Sqeeze, up-to-date, and then DHCP server, but it
>won't run, since I am using Gnome Desktop Environment.
>When I install Debian, the CLI version with no graphics enviroment ,
>DHCP server runs fine
>Of course I would love to have Gnome tools avaible and DHCP server
>running at the same time...
>any idea of why these two are in conflict?

None whatsoever. However, "won't run" is **NOT** a description of a problem.

The obvious place to start would be, what is logged in various logs 
when you try to start the server ? "nothing at all is logged" is an 
improvement on no information, what is logged if there is anything 
would be better.

How are you trying to start the server ? Via the init script ? Have 
you tried manually ?

I have in the past experienced incompatibilities between packages, 
and have ended up reverting to a known working config, installing 
components/updates one at a time (or initially in batches) until you 
are able to narrow down which one is responsible. Though that's going 
to be a fair bit of work given the number of packages involved in 
installing the desktop environment.

So I'd start with a working box, start the install for Gnome and see 
what packages it's going to install - apt-get will prompt you with a 
list of packages it's selected and ask if it's OK to continue. Cancel 
the install, and I'd start by installing the libraries it's listed - 
paying particular attention to any that are marked as being upgraded.

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