fixed ipv6 with option 18

ESSA Basheer basheerica at
Wed Sep 28 20:55:06 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this mailing list, but I've searched everywhere for an answer for
my problem but I couldn't find any.

I got dhcpd 4.2.2, which is working perfectly for allocating ipv6 addresses
from range6, my problem I'm using option 18 "dhcp6.interface-id", which is
similar to option 82 back in ipv4 to allocated fixed ipv6 addresses, I tried
using class method but it seems it doesn't work, I tried replacing the duid
method with option 18 also fruitless.

host user {
host-identifier option dhcp6.interface-id "hostname.X.Y";
fixed-address6 XX.XX.XX.XX::XX;

me topology, goes like this: i got modems behind DSLAM, the dslam supports
ipv6, the dslam is adding option 18 on every dhcpv6 forward-messages, "by
wiresharking I can see message being received correctly on the server side",
and the dslam forward the traffic to cisco router that relay the dhcp
messages to external dhcpd 4.2.2.

by using the above conf I always ended with this error
Sep 28 19:05:59 stock dhcpd: Unable to pick client address: no IPv6 pools on
this shared network

I'm missing something somewhere, thanks for your help.

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