Upgrading server hardware on existing failover pair

Oscar Ricardo Silva oscars at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Apr 2 20:30:50 UTC 2012

We currently have a pair of servers running ISC 3.1.3 in a failover 
configuration.  Both physical servers are scheduled to be replaced with 
newer hardware and I'd like to bounce my plan off the list to be sure 
it's sane.

1.  Shut down dhcpd on the secondary (gracefully).  The primary should 
go into partner-down

2.  Copy configuration and leases file from old secondary to new secondary

3.  Bring up *NEW* secondary, make sure it can communicate on the network

4.  Start dhcpd on the *NEW secondary and it should communicate with the 
primary and get updates

5.  Wait until both servers are in the *NORMAL* state

6.  Repeat these steps for the primary

*SHOULD* this work without an expected interruption in service?  I know 
during upgrades, things can and will go wrong but I'd like to avoid the 
obvious things as much as possible.


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