"raw packet not available" when execute() on release

Nicolas C. dhcp at nryc.fr
Mon Apr 30 19:06:01 UTC 2012


I'm using the "execute" functionality to perform updates in our DNS 
using a script. The idea is to achieve this :


It works when DHCP gives an address but it sometimes fails when the 
lease expires.

The error message is "data: hardware: raw packet not available" and the 
mac address and IPv4 address (needed by my script) are missing. I saw 
somebody having a similar problem but no answer was given.

I'm using the official "isc-dhcp-server" package on Debian Squeeze 
(4.1.1-P1), maybe this issue is corrected in a newer version of dhcpd? I 
tried compiling 4.2.3-P2 to test but it fails :

comapi.c:878:25: error: variable 'shared_network' set but not used 
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

make[2]: *** [comapi.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/dhcp-4.2.3-P2/common'

Any help on the "execute" or compiling issue? This is quite a problem 
for me.



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