Execute or syslog on DHCPDISCOVER

Alex Bligh alex at alex.org.uk
Wed Aug 15 19:53:40 UTC 2012

--On 15 August 2012 21:44:25 +0200 jvizier <jvizier at gmail.com> wrote:

> DHCPDISCOVER from mac -> script that parse flat file on that mac and send
> ip etc .. -> DHCPOFFER ip to the client from script

Not to my knowledge. Either you can parse the file yourself on (say)
cron, and alter you dhcpd.conf, or parse it and manipulate omshell,
or parse it and manipulate LDAP, or (using my patches) you can execute
any SQL statement on receipt of a discover which can produce IP,
options etc. in a dynamic way.

I don't really think you want dhcpd to fork on every packet that
comes in.

Alex Bligh

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