Broken IPv6 dhcp clients

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at
Fri Jul 6 03:24:16 UTC 2012

Further investigation of dhcpv6 clients that are not playing nicely ( I am no longer prepared to say they are broken ), has resulted in only two groups amongst several thousand clients.

The APC UPSes have IPv6 enabled by default and they are accepting their IP numbers then immediately attempting to renew them.  It has been suggested that they are expecting an option in the response that I am not supplying, which could well be the case.  At this stage, I haven't been able to identify what that might be so we are resorting to disabling IPv6 to prevent the server getting buried.  I'll turn some back on at a later date to try to work out what if anything we can fix.
The second group of devices are HP MFDs, only the CM 2xxx models seem to be causing us grief. They are also exhibiting the same behavior, apparently renewing their leases just like the UPSes.

If it is a missing option anyone any ideas what it might be ?
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