nsupdate from a dhclient

dukzcry lomka at gero.in
Wed Jul 11 04:28:29 UTC 2012

On 7/22/64 11:05 PM, Ralph Blach wrote:
> ...
> Also, in the dhclient.conf file, is there a way to specify the maximum lease
> time which will be allowed.
> So if a dhcp server supplied the cleint with a leas time of 8 days, then a a
> lease time of 1 day would be used?
> Thanks
> Chip
This is very old post, but the "problem" is still actual, and here is a 
solution, as well:

Be noticed, that this is a hack. Take with care, and use then, and only 
then, when
end-side DHCP server is improperly configured for low lease time and 
isn't under
your control.

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