dhcpd not receiving DHCPRELEASE and not freeng leases

Jakob, Sven sven.jakob at siemens-enterprise.com
Fri Jul 27 15:30:09 UTC 2012

Hello Evgeny,

Your capture shows a different Transaction ID for the Release:

# tshark -i eth2 udp port 67
Capturing on eth2
 0.000000 -> DHCP 342 DHCP Discover -
Transaction ID 0x84015146
 1.006523 -> DHCP 342 DHCP Offer     -
Transaction ID 0x84015146
 1.009113 -> DHCP 342 DHCP Request  -
Transaction ID 0x84015146
 1.065067 -> DHCP 342 DHCP ACK       -
Transaction ID 0x84015146
 5.358745 -> DHCP 342 DHCP Release   -
Transaction ID 0x76db7505
Some DHCP servers ignores or silently discard such not matching messages.
I used the dhclient's option "-r" by stopping and restarting the dhclient.
Doing this in that way results in losing the actual Transaction ID.
Now I'm searching for a solution to keep the dhclient running until the
release is sent.
The omapi is no option for me as it needs some 100kBytes memory, which is
too much for an embedded system.

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