dhcpd.conf logging statement documentation

Vasiliy Molostov molostoff at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 10:22:36 UTC 2012

man page states for logging statement with the following example:

  logging {
            channel update_debug {
                 file "/var/log/update-debug.log";
                 severity  debug 3;
                 print-category yes;
                 print-severity yes;
                 print-time     yes;
            channel security_info    {
                 file "/var/log/named-auth.info";
                 severity  info;
                 print-category yes;
                 print-severity yes;
                 print-time     yes;

            category update { update_debug; };
            category security { security_info; };

as you can see there is severity can be defined.
before digging sources for understanding its syntax I would ask community - 
perhaps there is some document reference for it already....

Please dont offer syslog, since I have stated already that Im not going to 
configure it, because I want to configure only dhcpd.conf. Also, please note 
that I have asked for a document reference.

On Пн, 26 мар 12 13:56:23 perl-list wrote:

To my knowledge, you cannot reduce logging verbosity inside dhcpd itself.  You 
can only change what is logged via syslog working with log levels.

For example:

in dhcpd.conf:
log-facility local6;

in syslog.conf:
local6.error -/var/log/dhcpd-error.log
local6.* -/dev/null

or similar ... please note that I have not tested the syslog statements and 
that they may require some modification to actually work...

From: "Vasiliy Molostov" <molostoff at gmail.com>
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Subject: dhcpd.conf logging statement documentation


Please help locate documentation reference for a 'logging' statement used as 
example on dhcpd.conf(5) man page, with exact syntax and structure reference 
on this subj.

googling gave nothing, and I have found nothing related to 'logging' in isc 
site docs and in source distrubution release docs .

The question is simply refers to reduce usual (default) logging verbosity from 
dhcpd, but I have found only examples on how to use syslog config instead of 
configuring dhcpd.conf, while I need to configure mainly dhcpd.conf logging 
options ...

Any link on this subj would be fine...

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