CPE on CPE ip's in a cablemodem network.

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and thanks for your reply.

We use BGP, and I typed wrong when I said business CM. It's not business but 
students. They have theire own internet transit and
we only give them the last mile access. The cmts doesn't support vlans so we 
have to use policy routing.

In the lease file for cpes I can see the cablemodem mac address:

lease 77.x.x.72 {
  starts 1 2012/05/28 20:25:52;
  ends 2 2012/05/29 20:25:52;
  tstp 2 2012/05/29 20:25:52;
  cltt 1 2012/05/28 20:25:52;
  binding state active;
  next binding state free;
  billing subclass "ip_limit" 00:26:24:da:0a:28;
  hardware ethernet 00:18:e7:eb:60:b8;
  uid "\001\000\030\347\353`\270";
  option agent.circuit-id 20:0:0:2;
  option agent.remote-id 0:26:24:da:a:28;              <-------------- Cable 
  client-hostname "DIR-635";

Is it possible to make a class for all the students CM and make an 
allow/deny rule in a cpe pool with the students default-gateway?

Kind regards,
Espen Kristensen.

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BGP is a must have for an ISPŠ

But In your case If you want to match business CM and home CM. This is not
option 82 but the option 43 with class / subclass and
pool allow / deny policies directly inside dhcpd.conf

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>I would recommend getting PI space and doing BGP with those two transit
>providers.  That's the right answer.
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>Subject: CPE on CPE ip's in a cablemodem network.
> Hi,
> we have 2 internett transit on a cablemodem network. One line is for
> our private customers and the other is for our businesse customers.
> I wounder if I can get isc dhcpd to offer cpe adresses from subnets
> based on which cablemodems they are behind? A guy told me I could use
> option 82, but I'm not sure how. If I can make the dhcp server offer
> addresses based on which cablemodems they belong to I can use policy
> routing on the cmts to determine which default route they should use.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Kind regard,
> Espen Kristensen.
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