DHCPv6 Option 18 (interface-id) relay problem

Christian Kratzer ck-lists at cksoft.de
Thu Nov 8 15:18:23 UTC 2012

On Thu, 8 Nov 2012, Andreas Hanke wrote:

> Hi Christian,
> I already tested that and it did not work :-(
> In my first mail I added the package capture with and without CISCO/DSLAM

sorry. I never noticed those files.

I am not too familiar with pdml files and wireshark does not seem to be able to import them but lets try to make sense of following:

with CISCO and DSLAM:
     <field name="" show="Interface-Id" size="23" pos="96" value="0012001347524531312065746820322f312f30312f3231">
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.type" showname="Option: Interface-Id (18)" size="2" pos="96" show="18" value="0012"/>
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.length" showname="Length: 19" size="2" pos="98" show="19" value="0013"/>
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.value" showname="Value: 47524531312065746820322f312f30312f3231" size="19" pos="100" show="47:52:45:31:31:20:65:74:68:20:32:2f:31:2f:30:31:2f:32:31" value="47524531312065746820322f312f30312f3231"/>
       <field name="" show="Interface-ID: GRE11 eth 2/1/01/21" size="19" pos="100" value="47524531312065746820322f312f30312f3231"/>

without CISCO and DSLAM:
     <field name="" show="Interface-Id" size="9" pos="84" value="0012000548414c4c4f">
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.type" showname="Option: Interface-Id (18)" size="2" pos="84" show="18" value="0012"/>
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.length" showname="Length: 5" size="2" pos="86" show="5" value="0005"/>
       <field name="dhcpv6.option.value" showname="Value: 48414c4c4f" size="5" pos="88" show="48:41:4c:4c:4f" value="48414c4c4f"/>
       <field name="" show="Interface-ID: HALLO" size="5" pos="88" value="48414c4c4f"/>

If I try to decode the option.values displayed in Hex then

for the first case the option value of "47524531312065746820322f312f30312f3231" seems to be: "GRE11 eth 2/1/01/21"

In the second case the option value of "48414c4c4f" it seems to be: "HALLO"

The pdml is quite confusing as it adds the option name when decoding the value.

So your syntax should work as follows for the first case with CISCO and DSLAM:

 	host ws {
 	       host-identifier option dhcp6.interface-id "GRE11 eth 2/1/01/21"
 	       fixed-address6 2001:db8:1:1::701;

and as follows for the second case without CISCO and DSLAM

 	host ws {
 	       host-identifier option dhcp6.interface-id "HALLO"
 	       fixed-address6 2001:db8:1:1::701;


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