DHCPv6 Option 18 (interface-id) relay problem

Andreas Hanke andreas.hanke at r-kom.de
Tue Nov 20 08:07:08 UTC 2012

Hi Christian,

after debuggen the DHCPD source by my self I found out the problem.

In the config I have to write:

shared network "test" {
        subnet 2001:16e0:200::/40 {
                host identfier....
        subnet 2001:1630:f::/64{

What was wrong in my logfile...:

the second subnet declaration was out of the shared network block.
Before the server give an ip adress to the client by the host
identifier, he checks if the ip adress is from the subnet. If the
subnet ist not in the shared network block the source takes that
subnet. But my adresses are from the subnet in the shared network
block :-)

But now...the problem is solved and the DHCPD is working fine.

Also I had learned to debug the DHCPD via Eclipse in C :-)

greetings andreas

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