ipv6: logging option docsis.cm-mac-address (4491 / 17 / 1026)

Sten Carlsen stenc at s-carlsen.dk
Fri Nov 23 16:06:10 UTC 2012


Ok, this is a bit more complicated than I would have thought. But then I
have IPv4 with 5 public addresses and a 4over6 tunnel, that essentially
does what I need and is also what I can get.

In this country, no ISP is offering native IPv6 and getting more than
one IPv4 is rare, this might be one of the reasons.

I use DLINK DIR-825, they *should* be able to connect to native IPv6,
with the unofficial 2.05EU firmware they seem to work. The tunnel is
very stable.

Please find a solution, so ISPs in this country can start using IPv6 as

On 23/11/12 16:46, Benoit Panizzon wrote:
> Hi Sten
>> Just a thought, to me it looks like you are deploying IPv6 the same way
>> as IPv4? One address at a time to each costumer.
>> I believe the idea is that each customer gets a prefix/64 and will
>> assign IPs from that as needed.
> We use all scenarios in our lab.
> - Non-Temporary Addresses
> - Temporary Addresses
> - Prefixes
> If a customer connects a Windows 7 client to his modem, Windows 7 does not 
> request a prefix, but just one address.
> If a customer connects one of the very few existing IPv6 aware CPE routers to 
> his modem, it will hopefully correctly request a prefix. (works that way with 
> Mikrotik routers)
> If a customer connects a unix box with ISC dhcp Client to his modem and does a 
> -N -N -T -T -T -P -P -P -P then he will request two non-temp, three temp and 
> four prefixes :-)
> The modem 'intercepts' the DHCP6 solicit message from the client connected 
> behind the modem and adds vendor specific information (option 17) enterprise 
> ID from CableLabs (ID 4491), and among other suboption 1026 which contains the 
> Cmac Address of that cable modem. Those Cmac Addresses are registered at the 
> CMTS and our provisioning system known which customer got which Cmac address. 
> (Traffic shaping and telephony is also done on the modem). So this is the 
> element identifying the customer.
>> In that case you will need to keep track of the prefixes as any host
>> using that prefix must belong to that customer? Would this satisfy the
>> legal requirements?
> Sure, if I find a way of logging Suboption 1026 which is also added to prefix 
> requests I'm fine :-)
>> Using a 6over4 tunnel today, I get a prefix/64 and it is my task to
>> build any address using that prefix the way it pleases me, even if I may
>> have 100s of hosts.
> We don't operate mass-tunnels. We want to deploy native ipv6 to the broadband 
> customer.
> Mit freundlichen Grüssen
> Benoit Panizzon

Best regards

Sten Carlsen

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