ipv6: logging option docsis.cm-mac-address (4491 / 17 / 1026)

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Fri Nov 23 15:46:38 UTC 2012

Hi Sten

> Just a thought, to me it looks like you are deploying IPv6 the same way
> as IPv4? One address at a time to each costumer.
> I believe the idea is that each customer gets a prefix/64 and will
> assign IPs from that as needed.

We use all scenarios in our lab.

- Non-Temporary Addresses
- Temporary Addresses
- Prefixes

If a customer connects a Windows 7 client to his modem, Windows 7 does not 
request a prefix, but just one address.
If a customer connects one of the very few existing IPv6 aware CPE routers to 
his modem, it will hopefully correctly request a prefix. (works that way with 
Mikrotik routers)
If a customer connects a unix box with ISC dhcp Client to his modem and does a 
-N -N -T -T -T -P -P -P -P then he will request two non-temp, three temp and 
four prefixes :-)

The modem 'intercepts' the DHCP6 solicit message from the client connected 
behind the modem and adds vendor specific information (option 17) enterprise 
ID from CableLabs (ID 4491), and among other suboption 1026 which contains the 
Cmac Address of that cable modem. Those Cmac Addresses are registered at the 
CMTS and our provisioning system known which customer got which Cmac address. 
(Traffic shaping and telephony is also done on the modem). So this is the 
element identifying the customer.

> In that case you will need to keep track of the prefixes as any host
> using that prefix must belong to that customer? Would this satisfy the
> legal requirements?

Sure, if I find a way of logging Suboption 1026 which is also added to prefix 
requests I'm fine :-)

> Using a 6over4 tunnel today, I get a prefix/64 and it is my task to
> build any address using that prefix the way it pleases me, even if I may
> have 100s of hosts.

We don't operate mass-tunnels. We want to deploy native ipv6 to the broadband 

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