Configuration by subclass and subnet

Joao E Pereira Jr joao at
Thu Oct 18 02:37:41 UTC 2012


My organization has only one DHCP server that provides configuration for 
clients in all subnets and every subnet gateway is able to do dhcp relay. In 
some subnets there are access points that look for a wireless switch 
controller using the value of option 43 of reply packet. Currently it have two 
controllers and I need to include option 43 only for the access points 
assigning the value based on the subnet.

Subclassing allow me to include option 43 only for the access points, but I 
haven't found a way to assign the value based on subnet so far. I' ve tryed 
conditional behavior as showed in dhcp-eval. All access points end up reaching 
the same controller or got no option 43 at all. Is this scenario feasible? 
Could you provide some guidance?

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