cannot change ip address in pool (fixed question)

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Fri Sep 14 22:54:03 UTC 2012

On 15/09/12 0:24, Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> In this case, doing it wrong actually imposes cost -- and from time to
> time very noticeable cost -- on others.
The crucial point here is "on others". My point is that doing things
right is virtually free, if you target that from the beginning.

Ad as you point out, not doing it right, imposes a cost on others.
> On 15-09-12 00:19, Sten Carlsen wrote:
>> I agree also. This is a vivid example of the case I so often pledge:
>> there is no value in cheating when doing things right does not cost more.
>> I see so often in every branch of work that things are done wrong but
>> at the exact same cost as doing it right, except for thinking a bit.
>> On 14/09/12 21:15, perl-list wrote:
>>>     But what I wrote is a fairly accurate statement. If someone cannot
>>>     figure out that the DHCP protocol requires a device to stop
>>>     using an
>>>     address once the lease runs out then they shouldn't be writing code
>>>     (or writing the spec) for anything.

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